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Welding coordination & Project follow-up


Welding Consulting coordinates your project before and during the welding activities. We have the technical knowledge and competence according to EN ISO 14731.


Before starting the project

  • Tender evaluation
  • Technical reviews
  • Sub-contractor evaluation
  • Welding staff
  • Welding procedure qualifications and welding procedures specifications (see WPQR and WPS)

    During the project:
  • Production planning
  • Prepare work instructions
  • Welding consumables and their certificates
  • Basic materials and their certificates
  • Inspections before, during and after welding
  • Non-conformities and corrective actions
  • Calibration and validation check of inspection equipment and welding equipment

After the project

  • Identification and traceability
  • check of weld geometry/size welding symbol on drawing/WPS
  • check of weld surface, transition area and area close to the weld
  • oxidation levels (color)
  • extent of NDT, NDT operator qualifications, reporting and documentation
  • marking, cleaning, flushing, preservation, protection of flange/fittings, etc
  • documentation review





Inspection and Expediting
For companies operating in the energy, natural gas, industry and heavy construction sectors, timely flow of materials and data is necessary to achieve success and reduce costly delays due to detection of potential problems. Acceleration is another benefit that guarantees all activities for timely delivery: ordering and receiving material inspections at the first inspection. It provides punctual and targeted logistics tailored to the needs of each client, ensuring that all documentation is in order and products reach where they are needed, when they are needed. We are providing 2nd and 3rd party supervision, FATs, FI, supervision of NDT, measurements, supervisions during welding, etc.

Determining welding requirements

For project management companies
If you are looking for help in determining the requirements for your subcontractor, Welding Consulting is helping in specifying the requirements for materials, scope of plant / personnel certification, procedures necessary to perform the task.

Assessment of welders' skills
If you are recruiting welders, Welding Consulting can carry out welding tests on plates or pipes in the selected welding method: 111, 141, 135, 136 and provide an assessment of the welding skills of the person.

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