EN 1090 implementation and audits

What are the advantages of EN 1090 certification and CE marking?

The EN 1090 standard obliges the manufacturers to CE mark their metal structural elements intended for use in steel, aluminum or composite steel and concrete structures placed on the market of the European Union. To grant the CE mark, the manufacturer must first perform a mandatory conformity assessment of a given product in accordance with the guidelines of EN 1090-1 and have an implemented and certified system of Factory Production Control (FPC).

How can we help?

How Welding Consulting can help? Using our methodology, we can provide simple systems that enable companies to obtain EN 1090 certification and implement CE marking for their products that ensure compliance with the standard and improve their Quality Management System. Welding Consulting can accelerate implementation to ensure compliance in a very short time.

What is an Execution Class?

The Execution Class was introduced in the manufacturing standards EN 1090-2 and EN 1090-3, where it is used to define the quality control set and to ensure the production process. There are four classes of execution, from EXC 1, which gives the lowest set of checks, to EXC 4, which gives a higher, more stringent set of checks.