Pressure Equipment Directive ped / 2014/68 / eu

Similar to other industries, welding is a subject to European Parliament standards and directives. The Pressure Equipment Directive ped / 2014/68 / eu was issued by the European Parliament on 15 May 2014. It includes the harmonization of the rules of the Member States in the field of manufacturing pressure equipment available on the market. Welding advice and inspections include the implementation and control of the implementation of the principles described in the directive. The regulations contained in the pressure equipment directive PED / 2014/68 / eu are primarily intended to prevent the introduction of an increasing number of unfairly and improperly certified devices onto the market.


When does the PED Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68 / eu apply?

The obligation to implement the directive lies with all manufacturing companies involved in the supply chain. By introducing a uniform standard - safety is increased, e.g. by implementing welding instructions. The directive is used when using pressure equipment with an allowable pressure higher than 0.5 bar, that is why it is important the correct implementation into welding plants.

Welding Consulting provides certification services for welding and helps to implement Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68 / eu, along with all the requirements that concerns welding. As with other welding certificates or WPQR / WPS procedures, we start with a visit to our client's plant, and then we develop a plan to implement the regulations of the directive.

Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68 /eu - specific standards and procedures for protection of people and free trade of pressure equipment within the European Union market

PED directive issued by the European Parliament is a requirement that applies to both devices as well as workers performing welding works. To be sure that the activities performed in each enterprise are done in accordance with the standards set out in it, it is worth using professional help specialists. At Welding Consulting, we help our clients to implement PED directive 2014/68 /eu, we have experience in the field of audits and certification. By using our support, you can be sure that your company will meet international requirements, standards, and directives in the field of safety and quality. We invite you to cooperate, and if you have questions or have any doubts, we encourage you to contact with our representatives.